Swerving Away From A Collision

So many people have asked me if I’ve seen “Collision,” the filmed debate between Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson on the existence of God, and I suppose that question — of whether or not I’ve seen it, not whether or not God exists — deserves an answer.

No, I haven’t. (And yes, God exists).

I haven’t seen “Collision” and don’t intend to, although if at some point it seems important, I will. But I have not, to be frank, found Wilson to be a terribly formidable debate opponent. I spent two and a half hours with him on Moscow’s KRFP a couple of summers ago and thoroughly enjoyed the time — I’d do it again in a moment, and if you Google my full name, the entirety of the debate is available at various sites online. But I have been underwhelmed, if not disturbed, by my private and public interactions with him, as well as by the nature and quality of his apologetic engagement with others. (“Apologetic” here means “defense” or “argument for,” not “seeking forgiveness”). I don’t know that “Collision” will represent the invigorated, insightful defense of God’s existence that I’d like to expect from Wilson or from any evangelical debater, and I think I’d prefer to just leave it with his and my common belief that the God of the Bible does exist.

Regardless of the myriad differences in our theologies and the multitudinous disappointments I’ve had with Wilson, I have to appeal to our common belief in the Lordship of Christ in rooting for him to best Hitchens in debate. I just don’t have to watch it, and I don’t have to join with much of Christiandom in applauding Wilson’s elevation from small-town pastor to evangelical statesman. The outcome of the debate is too important to be trusted so readily, and with such enthusiastic marketing, to a man who in my view is more puckish and pugnacious than wise and winsome.

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  1. Ashwin says:

    “Collisions” is a very good film. You would do well to set aside your prejudices for a while and enjoy it.

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