And Speaking Of Planned Parenthood . . .

It’s really pretty simple.

I wish Planned Parenthood would continue its excellent work in providing gynecological health services and contraception counseling for women but remove itself from any involvement at all in the provision of elective abortion — not abortion to save the life of the mother and, in my mind, not abortion due to rape or incest, but in elective abortion, the reasons for which I know, sadly, appear as life- or soul-shattering to some women as the two I’ve mentioned.

I wish, with equal conviction, that Christian “life counseling” services would continue their policy of neither counseling nor providing abortion and instead would offer comprehensive, non-judgmental women’s health services, including contraception counseling, for those who need it, focusing on the health and empowerment of women and preaching a pro-life message that embodies reverence for life from conception ’til death — including care for the already-born poor around them.

Asked and answered, and yet somehow I think we won’t be moving along . . .

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  1. Ashwin says:

    You sound like someone trying to build a bridge to certain leftwing individuals by trying to show how the Bible is actually quite in line with their world view.

    This – though quite admirable at first glance – is not how one should approach this sort of thing. Let the Bible say what He wants it to say. Let it be offensive. He will work it all out.

    I am praying, even as I write, that He give me the grace to practise what I have just preached.

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