Joe McCarthy, King Herod, and Chicken Little Walk Into A Bar . . . And Become Michele Bachmann

“I said I had very serious concerns that Barack Obama had anti-American views. And now I look like Nostradamus.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann, quoted in yesterday’s Minneapolis-St. Paul StarTribune

My response, from today’s Moscow’s Vision 2020 community forum:

Not to worry. In a few years, when this country begins to recognize the anti-Obama forces for what they are — namely, devious fearmongers bent on destroying the man even if they take down many of our country’s principles in the process — Michele Bachmann will look like the combination of snake-oil salesman, Joseph McCarthy, King Herod, and Chicken Little that she really is.

Of course, in a climate wherein passage of the health care bill drives Doug Wilson to publish a 10-pt. manifesto on the Christian’s Biblical mandate to resist “tyranny,” this likely won’t happen soon. But it will. Someday, Bachmann, Palin, McConnell, Boehner, the Tea Party movement, and the hysterically bigoted anti-Obama forces they represent will be revealed, and the U.S. will find itself in a state of deep embarrassment that it ever listened to them — a conclusion the rest of the world will have reached long before.

Michelle Bachmann is nobody’s finest.

(And I’m going to ask C.S. Lewis and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen to take a seat for awhile as I prepare a response — and it will be a blistering response — to Wilson’s “resisting tyranny” mandate from Blog and Mablog).

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