Steak Dinner: Come On, Guys

I mean, really, do you HAVE to ignore me just because he says to?  That’s not very, you know . . . manly. 

Nevertheless . . .

With Saturday’s rally in Friendship Square to support responsible gun ownership, I’m reminded of last week’s offer to treat to a steak dinner at Applebee’s the first pro-gun Christian who emails me ( to tell me how Scripture defends the right — some would say the obligation — to own guns.

Crickets chirping, guys.  I know a lot of my readers don’t live in Moscow, but plenty do.  Is it the strength of your argument that prevents you?  Worry not; I’d like to hear it.  Don’t eat red meat?  No problem; order what you want.  Need to bring your wife?  That’s fine.  Afraid I’ll rat you out and write about you on Prevailing Winds?  Never — unless you give me permission, I won’t acknowledge that I’ve ever met you.

But please don’t let it be because The Big Bearded Guy’s told you not to deal with me.  I’m not at all scary.  Neither is he.  I truly don’t understand how a Christian can take from the Bible that he must own guns, much less that he ought to use them to protect his property.  But I’m willing to learn. Isn’t anyone out there willing to teach me?

Surely there’s one classically-trained Christian out there who can make an argument apart from Wilson’s approval.  Show me.  I’d truly hate to think that students and congregants have become as beholden to and cowed by him as his elders have been. 

It’s rare that I hope to be proved wrong — but I’d like to be.  My offer stands.  It’s on my dime.  I’m open to your argument.  And the food’s not that bad.

You just have to show up.

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