Democracy: Coyotes, Lambs, and Chinese or Greek?

Doug Wilson, who chose to mark the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by furthering his blog crusade against the “tyranny” and “plunder” of the Obama administration and the mandate for Christians to “resist,” doesn’t think much of democracy. He and his fellow patriarchs often compare democracy to the notion of two coyotes and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner.

The lamb doesn’t fare well in Wilson’s fable, and thus determines democracy.

It is, of course, a stupid analogy, given that within the framework of a democracy would be a prohibition against killing dissenters. Under a democracy, the coyotes couldn’t turn on the lamb, rip him to shreds, and gloat about their electoral triumph without swift, sure punishment. The framework of a democracy — and Wilson knows this — is more akin to two coyotes and a lamb deciding together if they want Mongolian beef with pea pods or spanakopita for dinner.

Please take note.

This little tutorial is provided for those who wrongly turn to Douglas Wilson for wisdom in all things political, and who blindly follow him in all things theological. Does that sound hateful? Or simply foolish, coming as it does from a self-educated homemaker such as myself.

It’s not hateful, and I’m terrifically unconcerned that some find it foolish.

It’s an urgent call for a measure of mature and sobriety of judgment, although I acknowledge that it looks “hateful” and mean-spirited because the target is Wilson, not some made-up enemy. “He who must be obeyed” is not above legitimate criticism, and that criticism from me is more judicious and more circumspect than what he dishes out against the President. That Wilson is allowed to continue spewing venomous lies without censure is the fault of his elders, co-pastors, and allies in ministry.

His free pass ends with me. I’d rather be a lonely, foolish-sounding voice speaking truth than an obedient, mute spiritual sycophant. I think perhaps there’s value in the former, even when it makes the Anglo-Celt patriarchs at Anselm House guffaw into their manly beards.

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