Contempt. It Doesn’t Look Good On Church Elders

Christ Church Elder Dale Courtney, on his Right-Mind blog, continues his crusade against Christian character with a fun little satire about Americans moving to Mexico with “demands” mirroring what Courtney sees from undocumented Mexican immigrants.

You know — Swallowing up social services. Disobeying traffic laws. Whining about racism and abuse. Mocking the prevailing culture, scoffing at taxes, and demanding tax cuts, Social Security, and turn-down service, with chocolates, from the government every night. American immigrants “demanding” all of this when they move to Mexico, just like they do when they come here! Isn’t that a riot? And aren’t there some sobering truths in this witty little screed?

No. There aren’t. I’ve known literally hundreds of undocumented Mexican immigrants, having ministered — loved, served, taught — for more than a decade among them. I recognize neither the demands nor the attitude satirized, and I’d love to hear Courtney’s first-accounts of his personal relationships with “illegals,” because it would be unthinkable that someone would unleash this kind of contempt onto people with whom they’re not personally, individually, relationally familiar.


Shame on David D., who forwarded this litany of lies to the ravenous Courtney, whose blog consists of almost nothing original but ballast of regurgitated far-right viciousness. Shame on Courtney, who, like a bitch in heat, sniffs the air, finds a stench, and comes a-running toward it. And shame on Christ Church, which is in no way accountable for his behavior, but stands condemned only for theirs in continuing his eldership.

As always, I extend an invitation to talk with Dale. As before, he’ll mock it. That’s his choice. It’s also his choice to foul the office of eldership, just as it’s my imperative to call him on it. He’s done his part to provoke my own.

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