Arizona, Part 4

I’ll pray against the new immigration law in Arizona with every beat of my heart, but I’ll likely make this my last post on it here — there are so many other things to occupy us all, even if this was the week’s worst. I send this out to all of you who smugly tap into your reservoirs of belief in Christian obedience to authority by asking why immigrants don’t “just trust God” to provide for them in the poverty they find themselves and their families in in Mexico, and who consider their lack of trust in his provision as motivation for coming to the United States illegally:

I’d ask each one of you who think we need to get tough on “illegals” how hungry your kids would have to get, or how threatened your wife would have to be, before you’d do something like cross a border without papers to feed or protect them. Then I’d ask you to consider that you probably won’t ever have to face that situation, and perhaps extend some understanding to those who have.

It’s astonishingly easy to condemn people faced with ugly choices you’ll never have to deal with, but it certainly isn’t very Christlike. And coming as it often does from people who claim to value children highly, it seems odd that their poverty troubles you less than their parents’ attempts to alleviate it.

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