I Know What Jesus Would Do. What Would YOU Have Done?

In our recent analysis of Doug Wilson’s online defense of his views of slavery, which include his belief that chattel slavery in the American South was a remarkably peaceful system of mutual affection, patriarchal care and provision, and a genuine example of inter-racial harmony — besides being entirely Biblical. 

I will, ’til my dying death, insist that history, common sense, simple decency, and the teaching of Scripture contradict that, and I will, ’til that same dying death, denounce those who claim to be Christians and yet embrace this and other attendant nonsense — or stay silent when others do.

So I’ll have to ask all of the neo- and paleo-Confederates, strong Calvinists, hearty patriarchs, Sothren gentlemen, and slavery apologists if, had they been at this week’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) convention, they would’ve have confronted the racist in the audience who remarked that slaves should’ve been grateful for “the free room and board” slaveholders provided them.  Here’s the clip.  Now, if you’re among the Beholden Toadies, Callous Classicists, or Young Dissemblers, ask yourself how you would have reacted to this if you’d been there, considering your support of Wilson’s and others’ rambling defense of the slave-holding Confederacy, with its pitiful insistence that there isn’t a hint of racism or bigotry informing his argument or enlivening his heart. 

Because if you can hear this man’s verbal vomit and not feel your conscience cold-slapped, there’s something wrong.  If you would’ve just sat there in your disagreement, you’re a coward and no better than the man who uttered these words, and your pallid insistence that there’s no racism involved in your minimizing slavery is an impotent, whimpering lie. 


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