Helen Thomas On The Jews In Palestine

Veteran Washington, D.C., reporter Helen Thomas rightly apologized for her stupid comments that Jews living in Palestine should “get the hell out” and “go back to Germany and Poland” in order to ensure peace in the Middle East.

I don’t know enough about Thomas’ past remarks about the Israeli-Arab conflict, Israeli sovereignty, a two-state solution, or the rights of Palestinians on Gaza, and I hope this bit of blather is an anomaly. Israel isn’t and hasn’t been perfect; in fact, often it’s been the aggressor, which I think even the most rabid pre-trib, pre-mil Dispensationalist has to acknowledge. So, at times, have the Palestinians. But this is war, and no party is entirely innocent, nor entirely at fault. Meanwhile, non-combatants (let’s call them “families”) die needless, bloody deaths in a theatre of horror Thomas’ remarks contributed only more ugliness to.

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