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June 17, 2010

When Republicans Put On Their Thinking Caps

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Here’s what one good ol’ Republican says about immigration and border security:

“We could put land mines along the border. I know it sounds crazy. We
could put up signs in 23 different languages if necessary.”

— Tom Mullins, Republican nominee for New Mexico’s 3rd congressional
district during a May 18 interview with KNMX radio in Las Vegas, NM.


It’s all clear now — killing, maiming, and dismembering men, women, and children IS the most responsible way of addressing simple trespass. And here we were, debating immigration as if it were something . . . ohhhh, complex . . . complicated . . . policy-intensive or something. Involving actual people, even.

Thanks to Mr. Mullins for steering us toward a sensible solution. I haven’t heard of any GOP reaction, official or not, about his idea, but I’m sure they’ll climb aboard soon. (Lots of Republican buzz these days about illegal immigration, after all, and it takes awhile to get to everyone). And I’m guessing that, like most of the Right these days, Mullins has a church family. I bet they’re impressed. Impressed not just with his grasp of domestic policy, but with his profound interest in protecting the rights of others. This guy’s a winner, and if many of the churches I’ve been in are any indication, he’ll be a deacon in no time.

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