Me, A Vagabond

I’m in the Seattle area for my niece’s wedding to a fine Christian man, and after a few days with my dear mother-in-law, I’ll depart for an aunts-and-their-daughters reunion in North Little Rock, Arkansas, so I may be posting a bit less in the next 10days or so.

This part of my family — my mother’s sisters — had as its matriarch, as I was growing up, my grandmother. We all called her Mother Dear, and I wrote about her a couple of years ago in a series I did about my heroes. I would invite you to search Prevailing Winds — look under “Mother Dear,” “Little Rock,” or “like heaven” — for the post, if you haven’t read it. It was a tribute to a woman who I loved more than words can express, and more than I was ever really able to express to her on the yearly visits she made to us in Tucson, or we made to her in Little Rock. Still, I know she died fully aware of how important she was to me, even if, after wiping away tears, she’d even now tell me to settle down and go sweep something.

I’ll post when I can, and I wish blessings on you all.

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