Back From Seattle, And Missing The Kitten

I spent much of the last week in the Seattle area, visiting my son as he slogs through a heavy schedule of student teaching in the district he grew up in, in the town I ministered in the first 12 years of his life.

It was a surprise for him on his birthday, and my sudden appearance at the birthday party my wonderful mother-in-law held for him just about blew him away. I gilded the lily of his shock by presenting him with an 8-week-old kitten the next night, which delighted him beyond what the average 22-year-old can utter. And don’t worry — Anthony had wanted a kitten, but hadn’t had time to go out and find one. I’m not sure, frankly, that he even has time to find his socks, but he’s thrilled to have a little buddy to come home to after a full day of grading papers and herding the high school’s debate team through its steps. I got to see his girlfriend, whose family I worked with years ago, and wasn’t at all surprised to see that she’s become such a bright, motivated, and thoroughly lovely young lady — a college graduate preparing for grad school and the attainment of her MBA, and not at all interested in spending the next couple of years pining for my son or any other man.

There is no greater blessing, really, for the Christian mom than to see her son growing up to be a gentle man of integrity and virtue, intelligence and vitality. My younger son is preparing to move out, and he will do just as well as his brother. My sons are using their God-given minds and exercising their Spirit-driven hearts, and I am a woman truly blessed.

And a woman behind her keyboard once again . . .

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