Wrapping It Up: Who Got What RE: My Posts Below

I’m aware that Douglas Wilson reads, or has people read for him, the things I write on Prevailing Winds, because sometimes a theme or a statement I’ve made here will become fodder for Blog and Mablog. I don’t presume that anyone spends their days hoping I’ll have posted something new; not even my mom does that, and Doug is a busy man. But things have a way of getting back to him.

I believe that public sin deserves, if not requires, public rebuke, and so I wrote the posts regarding Steven and Katie, below, knowing that the Kirk network is tight and that criticism read by one goes quickly to others. But I have also cut-and-pasted parts 2 and 3 to Ed Iverson and Douglas Wilson at NSA, to Steven’s home pastor in Colville, and to Katie’s family’s pastor in Fallon, Nevada. I will also send both parts later today to the pastor of the Nazarene Church here, which is the venue for the June 11 nuptials.

I won’t, my work here having been done, suddenly begin to pray about this disastrous and sinful situation. Indeed, I haven’t written a thing before much prayer and reflection, and I have a group of people to whom I am accountable for both errors in fact (Part 2 has links to everything required to support what I’ve set out) and wrongfulness in tone. They are people who love me but, as they should, love the Lord more. I’m not likely to surround myself with people who applaud everything I do, largely, I suppose, because I lack a ministry empire on which they’re financially dependent. Any rebukes I garner from this will be acknowledged, and any factual errors immediately and publicly corrected, again with acknowledgement.

So now they all know, and now you do, too. All we can do, it appears, is, having sounded the alarm, rest in the arms of the Almighty and wait expectantly for what he does.

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