Over The Decades . . .

There isn’t much that brings more warmth, more blessing, and more unfettered joy than renewing a long-lost friendship and discovering, as you gently pick through the decades (in this case, three of them), that the old friend you had then is your sister in Christ Jesus now.

Such is the case with me and with Susan (not her real name) — neither of us was in a particularly good place back then, and we had a falling out that resulted in our not being in contact at all from 1981 until just a month or so ago. And yeah, it was Facebook, and no, I didn’t have much hope when I searched for her, and yet . . . I found her, and she graciously responded. We’ve been Facebook-messaging ever since.

(Don’t bother correcting my Facebook terminology, please, because I am really happy, and I wouldn’t want you to bear the guilt of raining technology on the parade of gratitude and happiness I’m experiencing).

A relationship I thought was beyond repair, beyond hope, and beyond the reach of miles, decades, hurts, and life changes is slowly — as it should — blossoming again, and I give the Lord and Savior Susan and I both share all glory and thanks. I wanted this, and somehow, God made a way.

Because God does that sort of thing, and does it far, far better than I could ever have dared hoped.

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