Back To The Conference . . .

I’m attending the Christians For Biblical Equality annual conference in Seattle with the theme “Building Biblical Community: Transforming Sex, Power, and Privilege.” In just a few short hours — very few, and I’ve been up all night — I’ll register and begin, with a few hundred other evangelical Christians, a weekend that promises to be as stimulating for my mind as it is nourishing to my soul.

If you’re unfamiliar with CBE or wondering what “Biblical feminism” is, please read down a few posts — I wrote a couple of days ago about what it is we mean when we refer to “Biblical equality,” and it’s an important and necessary concept, one that too often is defined by its critics. I’ll be writing about what I’ve learned and who I’ve met, and I’ll gladly confirm the suspicion many of you have that I’m “obsessed” with patriarchy.

Yep. Pretty much. Because confronting any evil that encroaches on the Church and perverts the Gospel is something that ought to consume all who love the Lord Jesus. I do, and so . . . I do.

I praise God for the work of CBE and for the hard work conference organizers have put in to get this all together. May our God richly bless them, and may the message of the Gospel of reconciliation and mutuality ring out far beyond the grounds of the Doubletree Inn and Suites!

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