Hey, Keely, Why Do You Blog?

Because the most well-known pastor of the largest ecclesiastical organization in Moscow — and a rising star in some conservative Christian circles, despite his bellicosity and maliciousness — writes things like this.

Silence is assent. Whatever Moscow’s brave male evangelical pastors do or don’t do, say or don’t say, I won’t be silent in the face of the smarmy nastiness represented below. Follow this guy at your peril, campers, because his heart is as hard as his pen is sharp and his serrated edge razor-sharp.

The choice is between Jesus Christ and Douglas Wilson. Choose wisely whom you seek to emulate, because one of them will lead you toward a withering death of all that’s holy within you.

From Blog and Mablog, December 28, 2011, on what he sees as the faddishness and compromising of the “postmodern” evangelical Church in the U.S.:

“So as all the lunacy of 2012 — with digital swiftness — fills up your inbox, computer screen, and flat screen, and as you see Christian leaders stroking their chins in response over some particularly fruity contributions from the homo hipsters, or the femmy flannery fanboys, or the dodgy darwinians, or the pomo poofters, or the vitalist vegans, or the loco localists, and so on, down the street and around the corner, always remember this. You can’t attack a gaudy show by becoming part of it. If your desire is to attack the circus, you won’t get anywhere by joining the circus.”

I don’t care, Doug, that you’re not a nice man. “Nice” doesn’t mean much to me, or, I imagine, to Jesus. But you’re neither a wise man nor a kind man, and that matters very much . . . and least of all to me.

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  1. KBC says:

    Seems to me your language resembles that of the people you attack and despise. Funny how the “sins” we see so easily in others are usually the ones we are committing.

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