What Passes For "Being A Republican" In North Idaho

Click on the link below to gain a little bit of insight into GOP. far-Right goings-on in North Idaho. My comments are below:


My thoughts on this are restrained, but I think you’ll get the point.

“Being in the white power movement, I know how it feels to be profiled . . . ” ranks as one of the stupidest and most obscenely self-serving, offensive things I’ve heard in a good long time.

OK, about a week, really. I live in Idaho, and it’s a presidential election year.

But still, this just has to be taken as no less than more evidence of the continuation of the David Duke-like insinuation into “respectable” society we’re seeing from groups like the Klan, the Aryan Nations, and anti-government militias. Should they succeed in their efforts, they will nonetheless still be utterly foreign to true respectability, and it will be to the great shame of any society that pretends to hold lofty ambitions — particularly those among them who identify as Christians.

Let’s wait to see how the churches react.

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