Please, Brave Patriarchs — Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Names!

You can scroll down through the comments that came in after my posts on the Trayvon Martin case and the astonishing acquittal of George Zimmerman, and if you do that, you’ll notice that most of my critics choose not to give their names, even when referring to me as “the girl” or taking me to task for my criticism of Doug Wilson, whom they tend to see as a beleaguered servant of God constantly attacked by a frenzied harridan who just dislikes him for no particular reason. 

So let’s be clear.  First, you make yourself into a coward if you criticize someone on a public forum without using your name.  That seems like Brave Patriarchy 101.  Second, if you follow Doug Wilson, and if you’re not completely blinded by his charisma nor beholden to his corporations, you know perfectly well that he is a terrible representative of the Gospel — and you should know that I will not submit to “assent by silence” by failing to call him out on his errors.  Why not engage with me on those, instead of expressing wonder and outrage that I criticize him at all?

My hope would be that if your parents paid lots of money for your classical Christian education, or if you’re shelling out the big bucks for your child’s, you might have learned something about rhetoric and debate, if not common civility.  Be brave.  Use your name, and stop instinctively defending your Boss Man by slamming his critics.  I’m a big girl.  How nice it would be to engage with Real Men.

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