Wanted: A Paragraph Break. Sigh.

Obviously the new format Blogger.com has given me for my blog is causing me problems — you’ll notice, I’m sure, that I haven’t had a paragraph break to offer you for awhile — and I beg your patient indulgence until my computer tech friend Sue helps me learn the new formatting system. And then, watch out . . . a few things recently have caused the Spirit to stir in me, including my discovery that somehow I have a cache of comments relating to things I’ve written here that, lamentably, I’d never seen before. A couple warrant comment, as do many other things. So once I format correctly, the Prevailing Winds will blow. Bigots, gun nuts, patriarchs and “Christians” who choose to ignore the Savior’s teachings but slavishly pledge their allegiance to Grover Norquist, GunPac, “Constitutionalists,” and other far-right manifestations of unbridled faithlessness to the Gospel, listen up. I’ll have quite a few things to take up with you.

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