Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Paragraph Breaks!

We have, after an embarrassingly easy fix — note to Blogger:  some of us thought HTML was shorthand for Hotmail, not the coded form of Blogger site composition — not only  paragraph breaks and indents, but a blogger whose husband is on retreat for much of the weekend and whose mind, heart, soul, and fingers are a-twitch with pent up energy.

Thanks to my dear friend and church elder Sue, a web designer par excellence who took about a nanosecond to identify my problem, Prevailing Winds is up and running.  The Spirit is moving, there’s much, and then some, to discuss, and I’ve got a weekend ahead with nothing scheduled.  In other cutting-edge technology news, I’ll remind you that the email that accompanies the Prevailing Winds header,, is not an account I ever use — it was just required to set things up.  I’ve used the same email address,, for, like 16 years, but a recent viral attack has led me to change that, and the new one is what you should use to contact me privately.  Of course, your comments, with my thanks and my decided preference that you use your name, can be added at the bottom of each post. 

The new, improved, and, for our purposes, ONLY email address that I use is  “Si, yo creo” is Spanish for “Yes, I believe,” which is meaningful and so much more lovely than “Hey, really, just use this one and scratch the other ones” would’ve been in any language.

(I know you’re asking, so the above in Spanish translates “Pues, de veras, favor de usar este y desnege los demas.”  Yes, I do requests; no, I won’t translate the tattoo you got in Cabo on Spring Break three years ago . . .) 

We’ll begin with my discovery, during Sue’s visit, of some 53 “unmoderated” comments that I had never seen before — most of which are either too vague or uninteresting to post, or discuss things from a couple of years ago, or written by those brave patriarchs who believe so strongly in standing for what’s right that they tear into me as unsigned, anonymous, or with obvious pseudonyms.  But there was one that requires address, and it’s on deck now that I’ve thrown the first pitch to open this new season of Prevailing Winds.

Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me.  While I’ll be traveling the first two weeks of June, I plan to keep busy writing — which, I hope, keeps you busy reading — until then and then for a good long stretch thereafter.  My arthritic little fingers will fly over the keyboard, my mind will be fully engaged if not exactly computer literate, and my soul will be filled-to-overflowing with things that I believe need to be said.  May the Spirit lead, and may the co-opters of the Gospel who trumpet a Jesus foreign to the Scriptures tremble.

Not because of me, but because of the zeal of the Holy Spirit to protect and nurture His Church.  If the LORD does some of that through a 51-year-old bilingual homemaker and former pastor in north-central Idaho, so be it and may Yahweh be praised forever.

Let the games begin . . .

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