Taking Questions . . . Yes, You Right There

I’m aware that there’s some talk about last week’s “hold your own rights with a loose hand” post, specifically in a comment I heard about my being a hypocrite, then, for advocating with such vehemence the equal rights and position of women in Church, home, and society, based on my belief that Scripture commands it.

But I’m not a hypocrite for advocating rights for women; indeed, if the Bible calls for it, I would be a hypocrite and worse if I didn’t, whether I’m a woman or not. 

There are seven billion people in the world today.  Roughly half of them are women.  That means that 3,499,999,999 of these women are not Keely Emerine-Mix, and every one of them is not only given equal position, access, and rights by the Word of God, but deserves my defense and my advocacy. 

If and when the Lord Jesus grants that my light shine from the pastoral pulpit or the elders’ board, he will make that happen without my agitating for it.  My words are for other women — other people made in the Creator’s image who long to give the gifts the Spirit has given them but who are denied by faulty understandings of Scripture.

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