Well, Didn’t We Have A Weekend?

I generally don’t write on Sundays, since my idea of the Sabbath doesn’t include gearing my mind in response to people whose writing appears to come sprinting from the flesh, enabled by feet shod with knock-off spiritual shoes. And because I live in Moscow, well
. . . the track in these parts is pretty busy. 

It’s Monday morning, though.  But while writing on a weekday rather than on a Sunday in no way gives me freedom to write from the flesh and in anger, it does permit me to hold my nose and explore the rank fields of Blog and Mablog, which, this weekend, featured three typically ugly, typically foul, and typically, gratuitously, and fatuously hateful posts whose only purpose, it seems, is to demonstrate the “godliness” of the serrated edge.

Until my anger is less stark — until the Holy Spirit changes my perspective — all I can say is that Wilson’s three posts on Jailbird Paul, Chick-Fil-A, and Gehazi’s Knees represent Wilson at his best, which represents the Church at its worst — shallow, mean-spirited, and indefensibly indifferent to the harm it causes.  (By the way, I actually believe that city officials who attempt to deny Chick-Fil-A permits to do business in their municipalities, on the basis of the C-F-A president’s views against marriage equality for gays and lesbians, are wrong.  While I support the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, there is an enormous difference between holding to a view that appears to come from a sincere attempt to understand Scripture and, say, barring gays from coming into a business or in any way harassing them when they do.  Let them do business, and let the marketplace speak — and then prosecute the hell out of them if they discriminate in hiring, firing, or in any other way.  As I’ve said before, holding to a conservative view of gay marriage does not automatically make someone a homophobe — but it does obligate them, if they hold that view as Christians, to be particularly opposed to discrimination, hate speech, and the careless bigotry that too often is used to confirm, not contradict, a “Christian” testimony).

I’ll be praying today about how best to respond to these three exercises in erudite snottiness, but I’ll note for now that Wilson has also chosen a “winner” of his contest to set to music several stanzas of grotesque slander and mockery he penned in response to Obamacare.  Let me repeat what I’ve said before to the winner: 

You just made a quick grab of $250.  Good for you.  But it’s a sorry balm for a rotting soul that would consider taking money to celebrate the miserable work of a miserable man. 

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