Oh, Wow. Let’s Impress The Already-Fawning!

In his typically colorful — which is to say juvenile, puerile, and snotty — manner, Doug Wilson attempts to analyze President Obama’s foreign policy while also commenting on Paul Ryan’s views of American exceptionalism, all in the context of radical Islamic violence against caricatures of Mohammed. It all adds up to this:  Ryan is wrong, but Obama is himself a very paragon of pure, slithering evil.

Nonetheless, Obama cannot be seen as more important than Doug.  And so, because it’s necessary that Wilson be the bride at every wedding, he qualifies his critique by mentioning that he, too, has had a book burned in Jakarta — so he KNOWS wild-eyed craziness first hand, by golly.  And I believe he does.

Boy, do I believe he does.

But because I want people to know that I, too, am important and qualified to offer informed analysis of pretty much any issue at hand, it seems that now is a good time to reveal that my aunt once saw Paul McCartney at a salad bar.  

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