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November 10, 2012

Rob? Are You There, Rob? And Then, Let’s Talk About Joseph

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One of the frustrating things about having an infinitesimally slight degree of tech understanding is that when Blogger, the Prevailing Winds platform, changes things, I’m usually the last to know.  And once I do figure it out, it’s still hard for me to know how to incorporate the change into something I can use.

So.  Imagine my dismay that back in August of 2011, someone named Rob wrote a very nice series of questions and comments regarding my take on 1 Corinthians 7 as a more accessible text on marriage than Ephesians 5.  Unfortunately — and I say this knowing that some of you either won’t believe me or will think I’m ineffably dumb — I just found where his and other comments have been stashed for about the last two years. 

You know, it did seem a little quiet around here.

Thus, and with my apologies, I’d like to ask Rob to engage with me again on both that and the larger egalitarian/complementarian debate in the Church.  I’d also like to send him and his wife a bottle of wine, as a way to say I’m sorry.  His points deserved a timely and thoughtful response, and I’m more than a wee bit mortified that they didn’t pop up on my radar. 

On another subject, I’m saddened by the “bitch goddess” remarks churning out of Anselm House, particularly as applied to government’s right to tax people — or, as Doug Wilson says, practice thievery via taxation.  (Anselm House is the nerve center, or primary clubhouse, of the Federal Vision/Reformed Patriarchy/Classical Christian Education movement here).  So I’d also like to toss out a bottle-of-wine-on-me challenge for anyone, locally or not, who can refute my contention that the Genesis account of Joseph’s ordering the collection of and overseeing the distribution of the citizenry’s grain in response to the seven-year famine is a Biblical model — a model lauded by God — of the State’s right and responsibility to provide for its people via taxation, situational interference in the market, and even — horrors! — income redistribution. 

I truly want to know why no one waxing shrill about “piglets suckling at the teat of government,” or about the “bitch goddess of statism,” ever acknowledges that.  I scarcely expect them to applaud, recommend, or enact an Acts 2-4 collectivism, which is a model for the Church and not the State — except that we’re told up here in Moscow (and this is how classicists talk ’round these parts) that it’s bad juju to separate what the Church ought to do from what the State ought to do.  Still, I’ve asked before without offering wine; knowing that much gets done around here via the lubrication of a timely gift from the vine, perhaps now I’ll get an answer. 

Rob, I hope you can forgive me.  Get back to me, and send me your address and red/white preference to me at, the Official Prevailing Winds Contact Email.  Be the first on your block and all that, but please do let me hear from you.

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